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My cousin from Pakistan asked me why I haven’t put up new pictures of myself on fb for a while… I told her I hate taking pictures of myself, that fact that there are some up there are surprising.

My aunt from Edmonton asked me why I don’t have many pictures of myself on fb… I said I don’t like taking pictures of myself, I told her there is no point…. then she got kinda angry and said “WHY?! What’s wrong with you?! Are you a guy?! Most girls like taking pictures!!!” (like her daughter aka my older cousin lol) I told her I don’t want to be like those girls who have a billion pictures of themselves, I like taking pictures of nature and stuff and taking pictures of myself is a waste and she thought that I am kinda weird *shrugs*

My parents get annoyed when I try to stay out of pictures too… the fact is, a BUNCH of people in my family like taking pictures of themselves and I am just sitting there like ._. I like pictures of pretty places, nature, and pretty food that is too good to eat

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This Seungri scandal… I’m not bothered by the fact that he has done it with someone, it’s the fact that I read some things I never wanted to…. They were written in like 24 point font and bolded so yeah :/ God why did I read that >_< lol

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If I get up from this seat now, i won’t be back for hours because i will end up procrastinating. I must stayed focused, I may fail but at least I will have my work done while i receive below a 50% on this. LOL THIS IS ALL BS I HAVE WRITTEN DOWN xD

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